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Printable Ink5.可列印光碟油墨

This product was developed as a UV hardening ink for making an ink-jet printable surface specifically for CD/DVD/BD. The product is designed for high-speed screen printing for maximal output, while keeping long screen service life. Its viscoelastic characters were adjusted for the lowest consumption of ink per discs, yet the drying time of the ink-jet print is maintained below one minute on various popular printers.

The print quality is excellent, particularly in the smoothness of the UV cured surface, as well as the colorful ink-jet printed images with full color saturation.

 Product Characteristics:

  • Excellent high speed screen printing, up to 90 passes/min
  • Stable ink performance after long operation or break
  • No irritating odor
  • Stable to water wetting
Items Specs
Appearance white paste
Viscosity ( 50 ℃ ) 2800±500 cps
UV Curing Condition mid-pressure Hg lamp, <80 mj/cm2
Drying speed of ink-jet printing <60 sec