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Thermal Sublimation Dyes for sublimation printing3.熱昇華色帶用染料

This special class of high quality dyes are made for thermal sublimation printing of photos with an image quality equivalent to the traditional photo print.

Our dyes of various color tone are supplied as fine powders, which are dissolved into a solution and eventually become a dye coat on thin filament. The colored filaments are ready to be used in a thermal transfer printer.

  Product Characteristics:

  • High purity
  • High solubility, and fast dissolution
  • Stable hue control
Package 10 Kg/drum
Appearance red powder
LOD 105 ℃, 1% max.
HPLC 98.5%


Package 25 Kg/drum
Appearance blue powder
LOD 105 ℃, 1% max.
HPLC 98.5%


Package drum
Appearance purple powder
LOD 105 ℃, 1% max.
HPLC 98%