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Dichroic Dyes for Polarizer Films

In the polarizer application, two key ingredients which enable the light polarizing function are iodine and dichroic dyes. The former has been used early and extensively in the display industry, but when higher resistances in humidity and temperature are required, dichroic dye stands out to the challenges.

In the era of rapidly advancing mobile communication, more video devices are employed in the automobiles. Vehicles equipped with full multimedia environment plus personal communication capability is expected to be the norm in the near future. As concerns of harsh high heat and humidity within an automobile intensify, we are observing increasing demands for dichroic dye based polarizer in the display industries.

 Product Characteristics:

  • Easy dissolution and free of particle residue
  • High polarizing efficiency
  • Excellent temperature and humidity resistance
Product Name Blue Purple Red Yellow
Package 500 g/bottle 500 g/bottle 500 g/bottle 500 g/bottle
Appearance deep brown powder deep brown powder red brown powder orange powder
LOD 7% max. 7% max. 7% max. 7% max.
HPLC 90% min. 90% min. 90% min. 90% min.
UV λmax: 608±1 nm
abs: (Me OH)
λmax: 555±10 nm
abs: (Me OH)
λmax: 509±5 nm
abs: (Me OH)
λmax: 400±5 nm
abs: (Me OH)