R&D and Manufacture

We continuously invests in research and development and also keeps in expanding research team and manufacturing facilities. Over years of endeavors, we have developed more than 60 products applied to optoelectronic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Our pilot plant and production plant are equipped with various reactors for a wide variety of reactions. The engineers are well trained to ensure the highest quality production.

We constantly improve our process to increase the yield and reliability of our process.


  • 50 L glass reactors
  • 100 L glass reactors 
  • 300 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 2000 L, 5000 L glass-lined reactors 
  • 120 L, 300 L, 500 L stainless steel reactors 
  • 500 L stainless steel reactors (60 atm) 
  • 2000 L stainless steel reactors (30 atm) 
  • Ultra-low Temp. Reaction System: 500 L, 1000 L
  • Distillation Tower

〝Best Quality〞 and 〝Best Service〞 are our objects. We compliant to our commitment to customers. Orgchem has a well-equipped quality control laboratory which is operated by experienced chemists. We also provide help to our customers for the chemical analysis of their products.

Various of Analysis Equipments:

*FTIR *GPC *DSC-TGA *Kart-Fisher
*GCMS *UV/Visible *HPLC *Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber
*GC *LCMS *QUV *Aging Resistance Yellowing Tester